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Address: 9700 Szombathely,
Király street 6.
Phone: +3694316268
Mobile: +36307691050

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Austrian cities nearby:

  • Vienna approx. 120 km
  • Graz approx 125 km

The Slovakian Bratislava is only 150 km away.


Use the possibilities that the area has to offer, while we make your smile beautiful!

Those who believe in active lifestyle can chose between going on foot, riding a horse, or using a bicycle when exploring the area.

  • “The Hungarians were born to ride horses” The horse riding clubs of the area offer great opportunities to discover this unique experience.
  • Riding a bicycle in and around Szombathely
  • In the Birdland Golf & Country Club, the fans of Golf may live their passion for the game
  • The area is rich in fish, wild animals. If you are interested in hunting go to

Joy of life, wellness, tourism for medical purposes:

Sárvár, Bük and Lutzmannsburg, Bad Tatzmannsdorf and at the Austrian side of Lake Fertő the St. Martins Therme & Lodge offer pampering relaxation.



Today’s Szombathely, Savaria was the center of the Lower Pannonian province. The name Szombathely originates from the markets which were held weekly on Saturdays (Szombat in Hungarian) on the main square of today.
Famous buildings: Cathedral, Bishop’s Palace, County Hall, Iseum, Synagogue

The picturesque Kőszeg with the Jurisics Castle, Town Hall, Sgrafitto-House

Programs to choose from

-Spring Festival
-Sistrum Regional Music Competitions
-II. Károly Pálos Darts Competition
-Easter funhouse
-Savaria Floriadae Floral Design Competition
-8th Flower street of Herény
-Worldwide Day of Dance
-II. Károly Pálos Table Football Competition
-Quadrille European Dance Festival
-Austrian-Hungarian Employment Conference
-17th International Short-film Festival
-Welcoming of Spring
-Worldwide Day of Dance
-45th Savaria International Dance Competition
-XI. Lamantin Jazz Festival
-Agora Festival
-XXVI. International Bartók Seminar and Festival
-Place-Film-Music Festival
-CACIB International Dog Exhibition
-Savaria Summer Open-air Concerts I.
-Savaria Historical Carnival
-V. Big Band Festival of Szombathely
-Chestnut Celebration
-Saint Márton vespera and Lampion Procession

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