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Austrian cities nearby:

  • Vienna approx. 120 km
  • Graz approx 125 km

The Slovakian Bratislava is only 150 km away.



Cercon represents an innovative system solution comprising individual crowns and bridges for the anterior and posterior tooth region.

This method is ideally suited to large bridge or connecting element models and also shows you the potential of Cercon.

The modelled wax object or the individiual stump is fixed in the receptacle provided for this purpose. The milling process is started automatically with the Cerconoxid blank already fixed in place, initially with rough milling and then with fine milling. Release the object from the support frame. Following shaping: sintering of the framework in the Cercon heat sintering furnace. This also involves shrinkage to the size prescribed by the wax model or by the virtual configuration. The result is a high-strength ceramic framework with a perfect fit and white or ivory finish

  • strength immobility
  • excellent lightpermeability
  • more biocompability
  • excellent heat transfer

It will be employed for 20 years in medicine because the organism accept it perfect.

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