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Bone buildup

Bone Grafting - Autograft

After teeth are lost, the jawbone in the area begins to resorb or remodel. Over a period of time, this bone loss can become severe, leaving an insufficient amount of bone remaining to place dental implants. Through various bone grafting techniques, bone can be added to these deficient areas, thus regenerating the bone which had been lost. The two most common types of bone grafting procedures performed in the office are called the sinus lift and ridge augmentation..

Alveolar Ridge Augmentation

Our teeth are held securely in the jaw. The roots stimulate the bone, maintaining its natural shape and form.

After tooth loss the bone is no longer used and it may begin to immediately resorb or shrink. Overtime significant bone loss may occur, resulting in a thinned ridge.

If there is inadequate bone, it may be impossible to place dental implants.

There are several grafting techniques that involve the use of your body's own bone to rebuild a deficient area.

One procedure involves extracting bone from an area of the jaw referred to as the ramus.
The bones is shaped in small blocks and secured to the ridge.

A bone substitute product is used to adequately fill the surrounding area, and specialized coverings are placed over the site to accelerate and improve healing. After the bone matures, implants can be placed.

Another technique involves extracting bone from the chin in small blocks.

The bone is secured to the jaw with specialized screws, and substitute bone is used to fill the surrounding areas. Healing membranes cover the grafts and once the bone has matured, implants can be placed.

Bone grafting can make dental implant treatment possible even with severe cases o bone loss.

The alveolar ridge is the part of your jaw that holds the roots of your natural teeth. After tooth loss, the alveolar bone resorbs, leaving a defect in the ridge which must be corrected prior to implant placement. This procedure increases the height and/or width of the ridge by placing a bone graft under the gums in that area.

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