My Smile Dent

Address: 9700 Szombathely,
Király street 6.
Phone: +3694316268
Mobile: +36307691050

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Austrian cities nearby:

  • Vienna approx. 120 km
  • Graz approx 125 km

The Slovakian Bratislava is only 150 km away.

About us

Welcome to our site!

Our practice, „My Smile Dent” has been opened in the heart of Szombathely. Dr. Viktor Sinkovits dental specialist, surgeon has an experience of more than 20 years in this field.

We implant teeth and harvest smiles

 Dental implants the way you want them! Nice teeth will transform to become even more beautiful. We replace lost teeth with natural looking implantations. Have a wonderful smile!

My Smile Dent – Smile!

Smiling is the most natural facial gesture. Even very young babies smile.

Why is it good to smile?

  • to energize you
  • to put you in a good mood
  • to dress you up
  • to make you look and feel confident and attractive

How would you like to feel like that?

My Smile Dent is the herald of smiles.

What can we do for your smile?

- In order to replace a lost tooth, the best solution is implantation. On top of the implanted root, we create a tooth made of materials known from space technology (zirconium and titanium).
- Would you like to have traditional replacements such as bridges or removable dentures? You will find the best specialists at our dental clinic.
- Do you need onlays, scaling or periodontal disease treatment? Recieve medical advice at our clinic! We create the teeth of your dreams for your smile!

What can we do to make you feel comfortable?

You can choose to have dental procedures under sedation with the help of an anaesthetist. After your painless treatment, we can smile together.

We implant teeth and harvest smiles

My Smile Dent - Smile!

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